HMS Rainbow

A warm welcome to HMS Rainbow – Year 1

In the energetic Year One classroom, Miss Sharp and her teaching assistants Mrs Genney and Mrs Pargeter offer a varied curriculum throughout the year and support the children through their learning of phonics, following the Read, Write Inc scheme.

In HMS Rainbow, the children are supported to develop a resilient mindset in order to help them in their school journey. A priority for HMS Rainbow is to develop children’s independence and to build on each child’s self-confidence.

We pride ourselves on developing a love of reading and for the children to encompass a deep passion for learning, practicing their skills and developing their knowledge through experiencing new learning opportunities. The children in HMS Rainbow are fully immersed in their happy and caring learning environment.

Autumn Term

This term the children will be learning all about Christopher Columbus and how to use maps. The children will begin to use geographical vocabulary, using locational and directional language to describe routes on a map of the school (left, right, past and forwards). In Art, the children will be learning about Ernst Ludwig Kirchner who is a German artist who created artwork using chalk and crayons. The children will also be learning about collage and exploring how to create collages based on the artist Jeannie Baker.

Spring Term

Hold on to your hats explorers! Spring half term in HMS Rainbow is going to be ROARSOME! We are going to be learning all about dinosaurs!  In History, we shall be looking at the Cretaceous period and finding out about the past, when dinosaurs roamed Earth. In Science, we shall be looking into the different classifications of animals such as; mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and fish. We shall also be looking at dinosaur and animals’ diets and understanding that animals are either carnivores, omnivores or herbivores.

In D&T, we are going to exploring what a healthy diet is and learning how to cut food, using the correct holds, such as; the claw hold and the bridge hold.

In our reading lessons, we are immersing ourselves in a new book called ‘Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward. We shall be working through this term, developing our inference and predictions skills. We cannot wait to see what will happen in the story.

In Maths, we are developing our understanding of number and delving in addition, subtraction and multiplication. In writing, we will be learning ‘The three little pigs’ story and we gain knowledge on how to write non fiction and fiction texts. The children have loved developing their story telling skills and I can’t wait to see how their writing of stories develop!

Summer Term

Are you ready for some more exploring this term? This half term in HMS Rainbow we will be going to AUSTRALIA! We are going to be learning all about the different continents of the world and focusing on comparing what the beaches in Australia are like to beaches in our locality. We will be reflecting on our prior learning of different types of weather and again comparing our knowledge to the weather in Australia. In Science, we shall be identifying different animals that live in and around Australia.  In Art, we will be exploring what a silhouette is, using soft pastels as our medium and creating some beautiful artworks inspired by Dorrit Black. In our reading lessons, we are immersing ourselves in our book ‘Traction Man’, we are continuing to find out what other adventures Traction man goes on and who he will save next. In Maths, we are developing our understanding of number and place value within 100 and exploring fractions, positions, money and time.. In writing, we will be learning ‘Grandad’s island’ story. The children will be developing their understanding of a portal story and their understanding of dialogue. We are definitely in for a beach-tastic time!

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