Welcome to Strand Primary Academy, I am the new Head of Academy and I am delighted to be working with a great team. I have been working in local primary schools now for quite some time and am delighted to be at Strand, where I have been warmly welcomed by staff, children and their families. I look forward to a happy and successful year. The staff team at Strand are working together, focusing on the improvement of the academy and providing the best possible education for the children.

Please know you are always welcome to come and see me, I am available most mornings before 8.50am and I am more than happy to make an appointment to discuss any issues.

We hope to see you at one of our many events to celebrate learning and success.

Mrs Jayne Smith

Head of Academy



Strand Primary Academy Term Dates


School OpenSchool Close
Friday 4th September 2015 Friday 23rd October 2015
Monday 2nd November 2015 Friday 18th December 2015
Tuesday 5th January 2016 Friday 12th February 2016
Monday 22nd February 2016 Thursday 24th March 2016
Wedneday 13th April 2016 Friday 27th May 2016
Monday 6th June 2016 Thursday 21st July 2016


Strand Primary Academy Term Dates


School OpenSchool Close
Weds 7th September 2016 Friday 21st October 2016
Monday 31st October 2016 Friday 16th December 2016
Wednesday 4th January 2017 Friday 17th February 2017
Monday 27th February 2017 Friday 7th April 2017
Tuesday 25th April 2017 Friday 26th May 2017
Monday 5th June 2017 Tuesday 25th July 2017

 Staff Training Days: Monday 5th September 2016, Tuesday 6th September 2016, Tuesday 3rd January 2017, Monday 24th April 2017.  Please note: There is one more Staff Training Day to be added.

This week at Strand