HMS Victory – Year 3/4

Welcome to HMS Victory – Year 3/4

This year in 3/4 our class teacher is Miss Gibbon. One of Miss Gibbon’s favourite books is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, it is one of the first books she read with a class while she was training to become a teacher. She loves going walking on the weekend with her family and friends as well as visiting the seaside which is one of her favourite places to be! She will be supported in the classroom by Miss Everitt, Mrs Freeman in the mornings and Mrs Green in the afternoons.

It has been so lovely to see all of the children settling in and welcoming each other into the classroom. They have returned with such an excitement to learn.

In our Reading Response lessons, we will be exploring one story in depth over each term. They are always eager to find out what comes next as we slowly make our way through the book. We will by starting our autumn term by looking at the book “This Morning I Met A Whale” written by Michael Morpurgo.

Following our Reading Enhanced Curriculum this term we will be learning all about “The Stone Age, The Bronze Age and The Iron Age”. We will be delving deeper to find out who they were, how they lived, what their settlements were like, how farming changed throughout the ages and how each age influenced the way we live our lives today. We will also be recreating some of our very own cave paintings like they produced in The Stone Age cave walls in our art lessons. In science we will be looking at the different types of rocks and soils as well as how fossils were formed.

We are very excited for the term ahead and we are looking forward to getting to know the children more in the weeks to come. It has been a brilliant start to the year, and we know that the children will continue to grow and develop as the year goes on.

It has been a wonderful start to the spring term, and it’s been so lovely seeing all the children back in the classroom again. We have kicked off our topic lessons by looking at cities, compasses and Ordinance Survey maps for local cities and towns. The children have discussed the location of the nearest cities to Grimsby, looked at an OS map of Cleethorpes and labelled the symbols found on the map.

In Science, we will be looking at light and dark, the children have blown me away with their prior knowledge about light sources and whether they are artificial or natural.

We will have lots of experiments and investigations to complete over the next few weeks and I look forward to strengthening the children’s understanding.

‘Charlotte’s Web’ is our new reading response book and the children have loved what we have read so far and their predictions about what the book may be about have been very intriguing. I am looking forward to lots more fabulous work being produced by the children and I hope that they keep up the great work HMS Victory

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