St Andrew's School

st andrews church.jpgSt Andrew's Church Day School - the beginning of educational matters in St. Andrew's Parish dates from a deed of January 12th 1860, Wherein Jno Bell, Mayor of the Borough, gives to the Vicar of Great Grimsby and his successors the site of the Bridge Street Schools in the following terms :- "I do freely and voluntarily, and without any valuable consideration, and as an offering to the Church on my retirement fro the said Mayoralty, appoint, and grant, and convey to the Reverend Robert Ainslie and his successors, all that land as a site for a School for poor persons, to be under the management of the said Robert Ainslie and his successors, etc., etc."

The signatures were witnessed by Wm.Brookes, Solicitor and Hy. Mills, Medical Dispenser. The first building erected contained 79 places, and is chiefly remembered as a Boy's School, under the Master ship for thirty years of the late Levi Rowley. Adjoining buildings soon followed, providing for 178 girls and infants. A second storey was added to the original room in 1892, and a new playground quite recently - Easter, 1898.

This block is now devoted exclusively to Infants, and contains 335 school places. A Girl's department was erected on Cleethorpes Road some years ago, which has now been disused in favour of a new school in Strand Street for 228. The Boys were transferred in 1892 to a building in Albert Street, re-modelled for 279, this bringing up the total for all departments to 842.