H.M.I. Inspection Report 1920

hmi 1920.jpgThe accommodation provided in this department is overtaxed. The average attendance for the quarter ending June 1920, was 308, for the quarter following 321. Of the six classrooms, five have been habitually over crowded, the congestion being most marked in the room occupied by the highest group of 67 boys. This school is inadequate for the number of boys in attendance and this circumstance seems to have affected the organisation. The 67 boys of Class 1 have a range of standards and are taught by a single teacher in an overcrowded room.

In spite of difficulties, the work of the school reached a good standard. It is evident that the teachers work very hard to secure this result and great credit is due to them, both for the quality of the work done and for the very satisfactory attitude of the children towards their work.