Governor Info

Strand Primary Academy is governed by the Delta Board of  Directors and the Education Advisory Board who have delegated reponsibilities.

The role of the Education Advisory Board is a strategic one, acting as a critical friend, supporting and challenging the school, so that the children receive the best possible education.

We all agree that positive attitudes need to be promoted to create a community in which sensitivity is shown to the individuality of each child and to his or her personal and academic needs. We feel this should be supported by a network of warm personal relationships, where it is ‘’safe to fail’. This can be achieved by good strong team work, where teachers, parents, governors and other adults involved in school life, work alongside the children to enhance their education in an atmosphere of co-operation, trust and mutual respect.


Assocaite Executive Principal: Miss Ruth Beckett

Head of Academy: Miss Catherine Davenport

Trust: Mrs Julie Saunders

Trust: Mr Mark Rushby (Chair)

Parent: Mrs Kristine Green

Parent: Mrs Amanda De St Croix

Trust: Mrs Catherine Standley

Trust: Mrs Dorothy Maudson

Staff: Mrs Debbie Norman