History of Strand

Sir George DoughtyWhen we look at the building of Strand Primary Academy some of us see the building in which we were pupils, some of us see the place we were staff, maybe some of us have helped build, improve or add to the building. Some may never give the building a second thought!

Well did you know that in 2012 Strand Primary Academy is officially 100 years old? In 1912 the official opening of Strand Street Council School took place, the proceedings led by Sir George Doughty.

The school itself has morphed over the last century whilst surviving Wars, Influenza break outs, poverty of the worse kind preventing children to learn, Evacuation and the 3 day working week.

Yet still it stands, proud and tall, this elegant Edwardian building, one of only two in the country with a roof playground, over 100 years old.

What’s the saying? If walls could talk! What an interesting story it would have.

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